RichGirl fills a void…sorta

The New Destiny’s Child, ladies and gentleman.

Nah seriously.  I’m sorta feelin this and not just because Rich Harrison has transplanted Dangerously in Love Beyonce vocals to 4 bangin ass chicks who can actually warble a bit , because I see all the elements that are being recycled rather plainly and still feel genuinely like this is a group that is exciting to watch.

Though I sorta dig this, let’s just be clear about some things so there’s no confusion:


  • The walking around each other posing thing from Bills Bills Bills is a nice touch (and just different enough for Beyonce stans to be cool wit it), but damn nostalgia for 1999 makes me feel old as hell.
    • To that point, there was always something charming about the original DC image and styling, so resurrecting that is sort of a repudiation of the DC3 Beyonce focused incarnation.  I’m wit that.
  • The Madonna Human Nature boxes are an inspired touch.  That video was dope!
  • I’m likin that all four girls can sing — and that they are sharing lead vocals (YAY!) — but was there any particular reason to choose 4 bangin ass women who have identical (in phrasing, tone and texture) voices.
    • Yes, I did notice that the light-skinneded one with the curly hair has a mite more heft to her voice, but that really don’t count.
    • The one with the ponytail shall henceforth be sentenced to a room with a vocal coach and other pop singers records to unlearn that blatant rip-off of Beyonce’s voice, phrasing, style, and vacant video persona.
      • Since she probably won’t, the kids will either love her or hate her.  This love/hate will be directly related to how much of a stan for Beyonce a person is.
  • Rich – you worked hard to find 4 bangin ass women who can sing but perhaps you could have spent some more time on making the music sound less like a Beyonce 2003/Amerie retread.  Retire the hi-hat and learn to read music, homie.  Thanks.


Via Soulbounce

UPDATE – The dark-skinneded one is mesmerizingly beautiful.  Do it mami!

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