I got a hypochondriac flow that get real ill, get nauseous to the beat, I spit sick at will.


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February 15, 2015

Will Smith’s Next Steps

*+-It was perhaps inevitable that in promoting his new film, Focus, that Will Smith would have to address the relative failure of his last film, After Earth. I don’t think anyone who has followed Will Smith’s career or grew up watching his work would be surprised that he conflates commerce with art. I got reinvigorated […]

February 10, 2015

With ‘The Blacker The Berry,’ Kendrick Lamar Issues a Challenge to Black America

*+-I wonder if people’s reaction to “The Blacker The Berry” will change once the song’s meaning sinks in. Because┬áKendrick Lamar hasn’t created an anthem, at least not a traditional one. He isn’t merely reflecting the moment or the burgeoning #blacklivesmatter movement. He’s asking questions that lie at the root of Blackness in the United States. […]

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