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Crushin VII


Black is most certainly beautiful, people.

Lance Gross, ladies and gentleman.  More after the jump…

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Crushin VI

Nelsan Ellis, ladies and gentleman:

Nelsan 1

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Crushin V


Osian, ladies and gentleman.

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Crushin IV


Jill Marie Jones, ladies and gentlemen.

I adore this woman – always have, always will. 

She's the reason I started watching Girlfriends and the reason I kept watching Girlfriends (until she left, of course)

There are not enough photos of her when she had short hair, which is actually the style I like best on her.  This photo is just simple and she's transcendantly beautiful in it.  Stunning!

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crushin III

After the jump is one of my new obsessions.

For the feint of heart, a couple of things:

  • Picture is hot!
  • Dude is hot!
  • It’s a dude.
  • He’s a porn star. 

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