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Heroes! Episode 11

Elle is dead. 


With that stupid turn of events out of the way, Episode 11 folks.

This was an okay episode.  Just further established the sides of the battle. 

We got to see that Peter is still a wimp (when will he be Future badass Peter?), Sylar is still a killer, Noah and Claire really love each other, and everyone else is more or less inconsequential.

First of all, the death of Arthur Petrelli didn't have any of the resonance it should have had.  Sylar should be a Petrelli. Why? Because it deepens the show's emotional arcs. 

The revelation that Arthur (and Angela Petrelli to a lesser extent) has been lying about Sylar being a Petrelli was lame.  Lame as hell.  There was so much potential there for the family with this development.  Early in the season we were treated to some of that with Future Sylar and Future Peter and any scene with Angela and Sylar.

Now – Sylar is basically the same guy he was in Season One.  I don't know that this is useful, but we'll see.

It was nice to see Chad Faust from The 4400.

Oh and in case you forgot…booo on the killing of Kristin Bell.

Heroes! Episodes 8-10


So I haven't blogged this show since that misguided "in the past" episode for Episode 8.  I mean, Hiro had to go through all of that to realize it's freakin Arthur Petrelli?  


The show is squandering a good concept right now.  The two-parter that concluded with last night's Episode 10 was overwrought and poorly executed.

Why in the world are Elle and Sylar flip flopping every other scene from good to bad to good to bad? Snooze…oh, and totally unbelievable?  These are the most compelling "villains" the show has and their "conflicted" natures have been completely abused.  They were downright annoying by last night's Episode 10, something I never thought I'd say about either of them (esp. Kristin Bell, who I still adore)

I am still annoyed with Mohinder and the prominence of Daphne irks me as well.  I think they both need to be gone.  Seriously – gone.  Can we have DL back in exchange?

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Heroes! Episode 7

This was a great episode all around as the storyline tightens nicely. 

No major complaints from me makes this the best episode of the season.  All the Petrelli scenes were terrific.  Everyone played a key role and it was nice to see some unusual scene groupings.  Especially liked seeing Niki Tracy in a scene with Meredith.

But who am I kidding?


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Heroes! Episode 6

Petrelli men 

At this point, the show is dominated by the effortless cool of the Petrelli family.  Part of this is that the mythology continues to (rightly) revolve around them, the other part of it is that they are casting the Petrelli roles stupid well.

Robert Forster is an inspired choice for Daddy Petrelli.

That said, this episode moved a bit too slowly for my tastes.

I'm beginning to be weary of Claire's "I wanna be a hero" schtick. 

I also just am not happy with Mohinder's turn this season at all.  I just don't think the writers have earned this shift at all.  It still feels abrupt and out of character.  I buy that he might be envious. I do.  I just don't think they showed him this way enough in the first two seasons to merit him injecting himself with the formula in the first 20 mins of Season Three's first episode.  Just felt too fast.  Unearned.  And they just aren't moving quickly enough now that he has become such a meany.

Comparatively – it makes so much sense to me that Peter could straddle the line between hero and villain since Sylar has always been his mirror and he was, for all intents and purposes, the baddie in Season One (albeit unwittingly).  I can also see why Claire might become Future Claire and why Ando might end up killing Hiro.  Those personalities and character dynamics were set up from the very beginning.

Mohinder has none of this.  As such, he sucks this year.

Also – I'm getting really pissed about this whole no Kristin Bell thing.  Elle kinda rocks hard.  They need to bring her back and stop fuckin around.  Daphne is just not a cool enough replacement.  Her energy is a bit off-putting (though, admittedly, she does work well off Masi and James).

The final moments of Episode 6 though set us up for what promises to be a killer Episode 7 next week.

Stay tuned…

Heroes! Episode 5


 Here we are.  Episode 5.  Right around the time television shows settle into their run.

Same is true here, where the elements that have worked well for the first 4 episodes continue to do so and those that don't, well…don't.

The Good?

  • Everything having to do with the Petrellis.
  • The deepening mythology across the board, but particularly around the "mysterious" formula.
  • It seems that Matt Parkman is going to be a big part of this season.  I'm intrigued.
  • Adam Monroe is back.  So is Parkman's dad (in a really cool reveal I should have seen coming, but didn't).  Oh and yet another Petrelli (in a really cool reveal I saw coming in last week's preview of this episode).

The Not So Good?

  • No Kristen Bell. (seriously, what the fuck is this?  Daphne is just no match for the effortless cool of Veronica Mars, folks)
  • The whole Claire-Bubbs-HRG-Sylar subplot (
  • It seems Tracy was just a fuck you to the viewers, because she's basically Niki now.  As a fan of Niki, they should have just kept that character.  This backdoor way of keeping Niki around is kind of irritating.
  • Mohinder is lame as hell!
  • And on that note, it's time to get rid of the last wonder twin.  She serves absolutely no purpose.  Can she go away and we get DL back?  Thanks!