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Heroes! Episode 4


So Episode 4 was all about Peter and his neverending quest to be a hero and save the world.

Sounds tedious, no?

Well, actually, not so much.  This season is all about upending our assumptions about who these characters are.  So watching Peter basically make himself into a villain whilst thinking he's saving the world was entertaining.  And it makes sense as we think about how Peter was the one who was actually the danger in Season One.  Sylar continues to be the most compelling figure as we see Future Sylar.  Future Claire rocks HARD as well. 

The scene with Peter and Future Sylar and Future Claire (speedy girl from Friday Night Lights and Marlo Stanfield were there too, but inconsequential) was perhaps some of the best shit the show has yet done (rivaling the scenes last week between Sylar and Angela).  Hiro and Ando are becoming more and more serious characters with depth instead of the funny Asian guys (which was always vaguely insulting I thought).

That said, it was interesting to learn that some of the "heroes" were created, not born with powers.  Less interesting how Tracy was basically Niki this week.  And still not feeling Mohinder at all this year.

Also – in terms of structure, it was unclear how much of this week's episode was in Matt Parkman's head.  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but the line between hero and villain is so beautifully muddied this year, that I'm willing to ride this piece out.

Lastly – no Kristin Bell?  Boooo.

Heroes! Episode 3

Sylar  Angela

Episode 3 continues this fascinating dance between Sylar and Angela Petrelli.  Can't find the words to explain just how cool and interesting and brilliant this development is.  As a fan of actors, watching Cristine Rose and Zachary Quinto bring this dynamic to life is truly thrilling.

From a purely artistic point of view, the show is doing a bang up job muddying the lines between hero and villain.

Big YAY for Milo as both Peters and Jamie Hector's escape from capture by Sylar and Noah. (which means he'll be on the show still!).  Lame power though, Jamie.  Sorry brother.

That said, it seems Matt Parkman will be stranded outside the storyline a la Hiro Season 2 until some big reveal around sweeps.  Eh, unenthused.  Love Greg Grunberg but Parkman is a snooze.

I'm still irritated by Ali Larter's transition to someone entirely new, but there's a nice twist at the end of the episode that has some real potential.  Seeing Micah (a lil grown up) again was nice. 

The best scene in the episode was one with Claire and her biological mother, Meredith Gordon (played by Jessalyn "Asshole" Gilsig*). 

Heroes-gilsig79 Claire and mommy reunited (Season one)

It's nice to see Claire step outside of her usual victim role (and acknowledge it) and one is always happy to see Gilsig in anything.

Lastly, so glad Mohinder wasn't in this episode.  Not feeling him at all this season.

*"Asshole" is what Gilsig's character always called Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck. I'm sure Gilsig is not an asshole.

Heroes! Episodes 1&2

Heroes Title Card 

The season premiere of Heroes last night basically rewrote the entire show and silenced any doubt that the creators couldn't do what they did so beautifully in Season 1.

Five Best Things About The Premiere

5. Letting out the villains.

Mostly because two of the villains are played by Jamie Hector (Marlo on The Wire) and Francis Capra (Weevil from Veronica Mars)

4. Finding out just who Angela Petrelli is.

It's about damn time we find out what her power is and just how much she knows about this entire world. 

3. Kristen Bell

Nuf said.

2.  Sylar and Claire

This is fantastic!  I got tired of waiting around for this resolution.  Plus – Hayden had jack shit to do last year, which made no sense since she was a major emotional focal point of the first season. By resolving Sylar and Claire it not only makes Sylar that much more dangerous, it gives Claire somewhere else to go as a character.

Bonus – Future Claire and the final moment between Angela Petrelli and Sylar

1. The new dynamic between Hiro and Ando. 

This is just awesome in every way.  Giving Ando something to do besides be a sidekick is a masterstroke.  The palpable tension between the two men is a nice change to a dynamic that has been played for laughs too much in past seasons.

Two Things I'm A Lil Shaky About

2. Ali Larter as a whole new character.

The creators basically conceded to viewers that Niki/Jessica is just not all that interesting as a character and that they didn't have much of an idea how to change that perception.  So they created a whole new character.  I like it enough because Larter was the best actor on the show in Season One, playing dual roles with aplomb.  She's good here too as the new character is nothing like Niki or Jessica (Larter's ability to just move differently is physical acting at its best).  But I liked Niki/Jessica so they'll have to win me over with this.

1. Everything having to do with Mohinder

Yea, this just felt a bit forced.