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Miguel – ‘Adorn’

This is lovely:



Unlike his millennial peers, Miguel has a really good ear for melody and his vocal production does a terrific job of masking his average vocal skills.  He's a complete artist in a way that really only Trey Songz can match.

Lookin forward to his new material.

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Kelly Rowland – Keep It Between Us

Kelly finally gets around to releasing the best song on her album, Here I Am



And it’s just lovely. Who doesn’t love the gorgeous Lance Gross?

Of course, it’s too late for that album to do anything. This should have been the second single and it should have dropped right at the moment Motivation was peaking.

But … yea, Kelly stays losing.

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Flashback: Bobby Brown Singing Donny Hathaway’s ‘A Song For You’

At 10 years old, you couldn't tell me Bobby Brown wasn't the illest brotha in the world.

Twenty years later, you still can't.

I might have watched this 5 or 6 times in a row before deciding to post it here. There is something special about watching a great artist at the peak of his powers.

Bobby Brown was known for his high-energy, controversial performances. But his considerable vocal skills have been forgotten, I think.  He's fantastic here, nailing the song, but also giving it a new jack swing and a gospel flair (particularly when the background singers go in) that makes it a little different.

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Hamilton Park – ‘Thing Called Us’


The 90s retro nature of this video and song is charming.

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Kelly Rowland’s Star Turn….Finally!

It is likely too early to call, but Kelly Rowland may be finding herself.



We all know I love me some Kelly Rowland so I’m probably biased. But it is nice to see her finally own so completely and confidently the fact that she is the finest woman on the planet.

But more than that, she holds your attention in this video in a way she simply hasn’t before. Kelly for so long was the dime piece who didn’t want you to notice her. Even though she was a prominent member of one of the biggest girl groups of all time. Even though everyone who had eyes could tell that there was something there worth paying attention to.

“Motivation” the song and video feels more like the true progression from her scene-stealing turns in “Lose My Breath” (both song and video) and on the last Destiny’s Child album, where she got all the best parts and freaked the hell out of them. It isn’t a great song, but it’s better than what she’s been releasing so far and, most importantly, it allows her to use the top part of her vocal range well.

And it just feels like the star turn we’ve all been waiting for.

I mean, even the remix is dope!


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