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Best Songs of 2013

For the third year in a row, I felt like this was a better year for individual songs and singles than it was for albums. I suppose it makes a certain kind of sense in a digital era that the industry has returned its focus to singles, rather than albums. But it continues to make for a very frustrating listening experience.

This is not to diminish the great work that I’m about to highlight. It is incredibly difficult to make a great song. Can’t forget that just because most artists today are unconcerned with making complete album experiences.

So without further ado, hit that jump for the 15 songs that I consider the very best songs that I heard in 2013

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Best Songs of 2012 (20-11)

Like last year, I didn’t think 2012 was a strong year for albums. But there were a good number of individual songs that I loved this year.

Here are the first 10  of the best songs of 2012 after the jump.


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Best of the Rest: 702’s Jealousy

702 Star cover art702 should have been huge stars. Jealousy is a perfect showcase for why I think this is true. The song is not single-worthy in the conventional sense, as it structurally has small ebbs and flows instead of crescendos and sweeping arrangements. It is a wonderful mood piece that gives lead singer, Meelah, an opportunity to invest a very simple melody with stunning, subtle emotional beats, much the way great blues singers do.

On this song, she reminds me of Aaliyah on her greatest songs.  With Meelah on lead, Jealousy is really about sadness.  It’s about disappointment.  Rather than perform the song as written (anger or even denial), Meelah fills the song with a sadness that gives the song emotional resonance it wouldn’t have otherwise.  Particularly with the bridge and the final adlibs, Meelah slowly, artfully breaks down.  And when the song just ends, you know there is so much left there.

A perfect piece of singing.

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