The Limits of Bombast: Reviewing Beyoncé’s ‘4’

Beyoncé’s new album fascinates me because rather than deepen, complicate, and expand her sound as it is intended to, it really acts as a textbook example of the limits of bombast.

Since B’Day she has decided, for whatever reason, that every song no matter what the genre, theme, or tempo deserves to get the same vocal treatment – loud with occassional growls that are intended to convey conviction but really just scream effort*. But it didn’t really matter much before because she was singing songs that didn’t have any real meat to them anyway.

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Best Albums of 2010 (6-1)

Six best albums of the year, after the jump.

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Tigger’s 25 Best Albums of the Aughts (00s), Part 2

And here are the final 12 albums I consider to be the best of the first decade of the 21st century.

Check out the first 13 here.

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