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Kelly Rowland’s Star Turn….Finally!

It is likely too early to call, but Kelly Rowland may be finding herself.



We all know I love me some Kelly Rowland so I’m probably biased. But it is nice to see her finally own so completely and confidently the fact that she is the finest woman on the planet.

But more than that, she holds your attention in this video in a way she simply hasn’t before. Kelly for so long was the dime piece who didn’t want you to notice her. Even though she was a prominent member of one of the biggest girl groups of all time. Even though everyone who had eyes could tell that there was something there worth paying attention to.

“Motivation” the song and video feels more like the true progression from her scene-stealing turns in “Lose My Breath” (both song and video) and on the last Destiny’s Child album, where she got all the best parts and freaked the hell out of them. It isn’t a great song, but it’s better than what she’s been releasing so far and, most importantly, it allows her to use the top part of her vocal range well.

And it just feels like the star turn we’ve all been waiting for.

I mean, even the remix is dope!


On Kelly Rowland

Sorry Kelly, but this:

Also, this album is NOT limited, I am not allowing ANYONE to put me in a box, with sound. That’s not where I belong. The album IS consistent sonically and I am writing, creating, having fun, and healing………it’s been a BLAST!!!

doesn’t make me want to hear your album. Not if that “consistent sonic” palette is just your way of saying you’re going forward with Europop even though no one likes that idea and it doesn’t serve you well at all.

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RichGirl: What Exactly Do We Need from a Girl Group?


I can’t decide what angers me more: that this song is written and produced by Dre and Vidal, who are capable of way better (like this, for instance), or that so much of this song is devoted to perennial rap cameo artist Fabolous and the completely devoid of talent Rick Ross.

It’s not clear to me what it is that RichGirl offers to the marketplace as a vocal group. Or rather, nothing that they have released so far requires four singers singing in harmony, or even bothers to take advantage of the fact that RichGirl is actually made up of four singers who, presumably, can sing in harmony.

It isn’t that they should do this*:



or this:



But there doesn’t seem to be even the pretense that we’re getting music that uses multiple voices in harmony to convey some emotion or idea that can’t be conveyed in the same way with one voice (or even one voice with background singers).  I think the artist, producer, or label that figures out how to do that in this historical moment when there’s an entire generation that venerates artists whose whole appeal is the absence of any musical ability whatsoever will be wildly wildly successful.

So I guess it is the former that bothers me more. I get that the marketplace is producer-driven, dance-floor focused, and completely uninterested in vocal ability. But then – why a girl group?  RichGirl exists solely to sell the idea of a girl group, without actually being a girl group.

I mean, I can’t even enjoy RichGirl as shamelessly derivative and unoriginal – Destiny’s Child taken to its most extreme end – anymore.



*Another post for another day: how Tiny was the best vocalist in Xscape, got the best leads on all the songs, and also how Tamika Scott’s greatness was unjustifiably overshadowed by her sister Latocha.  Both of which are on display on this, their single best work.

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Best of the Rest: Koffee Brown’s All Those Fancy Things

Koffee Brown's Mars | Venus album cover Superstar, now she smashed your car
Hurting you is much to easy

A perfect couplet, perfectly sung. Koffee Brown were criminally slept on. This is Vee’s solo joint, written by Lil Mo, and she runs with it. Her phrasing is spot on. The song could have been a typical angry rant, but she injects it with just the right mixture of sadness and resolute nonchalance. Note how she sings “she may be” each time.

It’s a shame Koffee Brown fizzled out so quickly.  Mars/Venus was a brilliant album and both Vee and Falonte (who went on to write some of the better songs on Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album) are major talents.

Best of the Rest – Full List
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RichGirl fills a void…sorta

The New Destiny’s Child, ladies and gentleman.

Nah seriously.  I’m sorta feelin this and not just because Rich Harrison has transplanted Dangerously in Love Beyonce vocals to 4 bangin ass chicks who can actually warble a bit , because I see all the elements that are being recycled rather plainly and still feel genuinely like this is a group that is exciting to watch.

Though I sorta dig this, let’s just be clear about some things so there’s no confusion:


  • The walking around each other posing thing from Bills Bills Bills is a nice touch (and just different enough for Beyonce stans to be cool wit it), but damn nostalgia for 1999 makes me feel old as hell.
    • To that point, there was always something charming about the original DC image and styling, so resurrecting that is sort of a repudiation of the DC3 Beyonce focused incarnation.  I’m wit that.
  • The Madonna Human Nature boxes are an inspired touch.  That video was dope!
  • I’m likin that all four girls can sing — and that they are sharing lead vocals (YAY!) — but was there any particular reason to choose 4 bangin ass women who have identical (in phrasing, tone and texture) voices.
    • Yes, I did notice that the light-skinneded one with the curly hair has a mite more heft to her voice, but that really don’t count.
    • The one with the ponytail shall henceforth be sentenced to a room with a vocal coach and other pop singers records to unlearn that blatant rip-off of Beyonce’s voice, phrasing, style, and vacant video persona.
      • Since she probably won’t, the kids will either love her or hate her.  This love/hate will be directly related to how much of a stan for Beyonce a person is.
  • Rich – you worked hard to find 4 bangin ass women who can sing but perhaps you could have spent some more time on making the music sound less like a Beyonce 2003/Amerie retread.  Retire the hi-hat and learn to read music, homie.  Thanks.


Via Soulbounce

UPDATE – The dark-skinneded one is mesmerizingly beautiful.  Do it mami!