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On the Narnia Films

I suppose we should just be happy that they are even thinking of making another Narnia movie.

”We are currently discussing with both Fox and the C.S. Lewis Estate whether we will make another Narnia film,” a rep for Walden Media tells EW. Although the rep stresses “nothing is official yet,” should a new Narnia film get the greenlight, the rep says “it will be Magician’s Nephew.”

While I'm not upset about this decision – The Magician's Nephew will give us a lot of Tilda Swinton, after all – I do think it sort of confirms that Walden and Fox just aren't interested in the challenge of making Narnia work.

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Jason Priestley’s Dark Side

Jason Priestley was very effective at playing Brandon Walsh, a character almost comically perfect and pure. He never shied away from Brandon’s pompous nature and committed to playing a character that could be insufferably virtuous. As a result, he was easily the best thing about Beverly Hills 90210, particularly in those college years after Shannen Doherty left.

So it has been really fascinating over the last 15 years to watch him flip that Walsh persona to so effectively explore dark characters.

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The Nature of Evil

I thought about this line from Alyssa on a recent episode of Bones:

The show made a much bigger deal of those coping mechanisms and the characters ultimate concern for the humanity of the victims in earlier seasons, but I suppose that point being sufficiently established, they've kind of moved on from it.

…while watching last night's episode.

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Class Warfare

It's amazing just how powerful the images of so many talented black actors in one place truly are….

…because it almost distracts me from the fact that these talented black actors deserve way better than this romantic comedy nonsense.

I really really want better for Loretta Devine. She's an actress who can be downright luminous. I really enjoyed her on Fox's Boston Public, particularly in that first season when her unique ability to play flighty and exasperated put an interesting spin on her bipolar character, what could have been a really awful character.

But I can't imagine that this film will treat Black people's issues with class in an interesting way. Not when its shorthand is a light-skinned woman = money and loud, boisterous and rude = lower-class black.

All the characters will learn something by the end of the film – of course only so the two main characters can get married, which is stupid – because that's what these films are about. 

But it'd be nice if we could show this kind of diversity in black communities in such a way that we celebrate it and not make it about what is and isn't "authentically black."