Best Television of 2012

I haven’t written a round-up on television in 10 years. Which is strange because I watch a fair amount of television. As someone who used to want to be a screenwriter, television has always fascinated me because it provides such ample opportunity to explore humanity. I enjoy tremendously watching characters develop over time.

And even though I remain frustrated with the lack of great roles for black actors on television and with the way diversity on television is horribly superficial and disingenuous (its stupid, insulting emphasis on so-called race-blind casting makes me want to throw my television at the wall) there is still quite a lot to enjoy.

Here are the 11 shows that most thrilled me this year, after the jump.


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Dammit! Now I Have to Watch the Pilot

…because the news that Adrianne Palicki will be playing Wonder Woman is all kinds of awesome!



She's definitely got the acting chops and, at 5'11", she's tall.

But I think the best thing for the show is that she's not enough of a known quantity (despite a prominent role on Friday Night Lights and a number of roles on genre fare like Supernatural and Smallville) to come with a lot of baggage that will get in the way of the work she'll be doing.

That said, I'm with Alyssa and Alan Sepinwall that the David E. Kelley-produced show sounds really fuckin terrible*. The show sounds like Ally McBeal with superpowers, which I bet is how the pitch went too. Because I genuinely think David E. Kelley is a man with exactly one idea. 

But I still gotta watch that damn pilot now.


*Check out Alan Sepinwall's great take on the casting and the material.