Day26’s Stadium Music Video: Now THIS Is What I’m Talkin About

DAMN. This really should have been the first single if for no other reason than the fact that this feels like a progression from the Got Me Goin video.  I think that it also would have drummed up some interesting in their album (not that they deserve it, Forever In A Day is so pedestrian and such a trend-jockin piece of shit).  

It almost makes me like the song. Almost.

That said, it’s nice to see Day26 recover some of that swag, man.  The video concept is minimalist and edited extremely well and definitely elevates the song to the level it needs to (given its melodrama). 

Though Brian, despite being easily the most charismatic video performer in the group, is inconsistent as hell.    He is so watchable on his verse, but from that point on he looks like he gonna pop a blood vessel hard as he singin.

It’s also interesting to see that though Mike and Robert are easily the best singers in the group, they are terrible to watch in videos (Robert – do you even play guitar, homie.  Give the kids back their hairstyle dude, it’s not working).  They sound amazing though, if too good for a song that is built around production wizardry, not the melody (which, come on, is barely there).

Que and Will — so pretty — are so devoid of personality that they literally blend into the background.  They look like digital creations.  Fellas, emote.  Come on, it makes you cool.  Ironically, they are prettier than the needless, pointless, obligatory window-dressing girls, which should NEVER happen if you’re a boy band.  Probably would have been smarter to not have had any women in the video since they don’t do anything and aren’t Melyssa Ford-fine enough to grab the attention from Will’s cheekbones.

Lastly, are they all groovin on a different beat?

Day26 – Y’All Ain’t Puttin It on NOBODY

How did Day26 go from the seemingly effortless cool of this:



…to this trendy cacophonous mess (with Yung Joc, no less):

1.  Willie is the only one who looks good, but he should never sing lead.  Ditto for Q.  Ironically, if you had told me that Day26 would shift from the next 112 to the next Pretty Ricky, I'da told you that vocally Willie and Q would be perfect for such thin melodies.  I was wrong.  They have zero vocal authority.  In Willie's case, it's particularly sad because….so.pretty.
2. Yung Joc.
3. Robert's hair.
4. Brian is singing way too hard.
5. Puffy's presence
6.  Y'all ain't puttin it on nobody.  Seriously – what swag they had on Got Me Going is completely absent here.  Is this even the same group?  Aren't you supposed to be better with the next album? Even reliable Brian, who has video charisma to spare, ain't bringin it.
7. This song is beneath their talents.  I don't necessarily think they needed to stick with what worked on the last album, but chasing a radio and club hit (I'm lookin at you, Willie) only works if its good.  This ain't it.  And who mixed the vocals?  Geez.  This is truly awful.