Day26 – ‘Made Love Lately’

This song still doesn't really work for me:



And neither does the video.

I just don't get the vocal production on this song. The guys' voices are digitized on the hook, I guess because they can't blend or the producers don't really care about what it actually means to be a male R&B vocal group. 

When you hear a Day26 song, you here an overly democratic approach to leads where the weakest vocalists (Willie and Que) are given equal weight with the strongest (Brian and Robert) such that the overall effect is to completely undersell any emotion or idea that might be in the song. And because they aren't bothering to harmonize there is no way for them to develop a sound unique to them that will help create in your mind who Day26 is supposed to be.

And that's really the issue here: these guys don't suggest a single image or identity that makes them standout or even interesting. There is no Alex Vanderpool like Boyz II Men or the romantic thug image of Jodeci or the sexual bravado of H-Town or Silk or even the church boy gospelly soul of an Intro or a Playa.

It's clear no one on Day26's team has any vision for what to do with them. And they themselves seem content to sing whatever sounds current enough to chart. It's generic trendy producers working with generically talented men to create … not much of anything.

Pretty Ricky’s Retreat

What the….?

The sad thing is that H-Town, K-Ci and Lingerie all sound really good. It’s just that they are singing a really really¬†really¬†bad song that isn’t the least bit sexy or sensual – and yet they really seem to think it is.


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Jodeci has a lot of crass material, so why turn one of their most romantic moments:



into this?



It would be easy to pick on Omarion because he's an artist whose on 14:15 of his 15 minutes of fame.  It would be even easier to lambast Omarion, an artist of embarrassingly limited vocal skill, for covering a song by one of the greatest male vocal groups in history with one of the finest lead singers in history.

But really, I watch this and all I see is desperation. See, unlike Bow Wow, Omarion knows he's on that 14 and a quarter. He is just praying that we don't know it too.

We do.

New Day26 Video – Give It Up, Guys


At this point, I'm not even sure why I'm even mildly concerned with Day26's career.  This video just further shows that this is a group of five men who probably shouldn't be recording together, or at least, should not be allowed to choose the material they sing.

This song is completely formless.  It has no passion, it doesn't rise or fall or even seem to have a pulse. I don't even know what it's about.  The vocal arrangement benefits Brian quite well here, but seems to force Q into a weird vocal place where he sounds like something is lodged in his throat.

Visually, Brian continues to be the only guy who understands how to play to the camera.  He just oozes charisma.  Everyone else looks pained and uncomfortable, save Robert, who looks insane.

I'm so done with Will and Q as lead vocalists (they should not sing lead), but Robert's autotuned vocals are disgusting.  He's easily the best singer in the group, he knows it, but his dogged attempt to be some bootleg Sean Garrett/Kanye West is embarrassing (at worst) and insincere (at best).  Dude – just SANG.

It's worth pointing out that Puff played a huge role in the imaging of Jodeci, perhaps the most influential male group of the last 30 years not New Edition.  That he hasn't taken the reins with Day26 and molded them into a fantastic vocal group (which they could definitely be) is sad, if predictable.  If there's one thing Puff can do, it's sell shit to White folks and young Black kids without any real sense of their people's musical heritage.  In his early work, he translated what Teddy was doing musically into an image that he could sell.  That was important, if maddening.

But now, I don't think dude's head is in making music anymore.  He seems to let his groups flounder almost for sport.  People should stop trying get signed to his label.

I think Day26, on some level, knows this.  Their videos seem desperate, pleading, as if they are holding onto them 15 minutes like their lives depended on it. 

And maybe they do. 

But the first mistake everyone involved in this mess made was giving the fellas any say in the music they would make this go round.  They are clearly not capable of picking good material.  It's okay though.  That doesn't make them any less talented or any less deserving of a shot at a music career, it just means people who know music inside and out should be guiding them.

A&R is a lost art in today's artist-must-have-creative-control-whether-they-are-creative-or-not era.  One needn't be Berry Gordy'd into submission, but there should be someone to tell Robert, "hey, the hair?, yea no.  just no," and tell all five guys that trend-jocking gets you nowhere fast.  I mean, they record an album full of autotune right as Sean Carter records "Death of Autotune."  

Confusing trends with actual shifts in the musical landscape means you don't get to make the big decisions, kids.

Day26’s Stadium Music Video: Now THIS Is What I’m Talkin About

DAMN. This really should have been the first single if for no other reason than the fact that this feels like a progression from the Got Me Goin video.  I think that it also would have drummed up some interesting in their album (not that they deserve it, Forever In A Day is so pedestrian and such a trend-jockin piece of shit).  

It almost makes me like the song. Almost.

That said, it’s nice to see Day26 recover some of that swag, man.  The video concept is minimalist and edited extremely well and definitely elevates the song to the level it needs to (given its melodrama). 

Though Brian, despite being easily the most charismatic video performer in the group, is inconsistent as hell.    He is so watchable on his verse, but from that point on he looks like he gonna pop a blood vessel hard as he singin.

It’s also interesting to see that though Mike and Robert are easily the best singers in the group, they are terrible to watch in videos (Robert – do you even play guitar, homie.  Give the kids back their hairstyle dude, it’s not working).  They sound amazing though, if too good for a song that is built around production wizardry, not the melody (which, come on, is barely there).

Que and Will — so pretty — are so devoid of personality that they literally blend into the background.  They look like digital creations.  Fellas, emote.  Come on, it makes you cool.  Ironically, they are prettier than the needless, pointless, obligatory window-dressing girls, which should NEVER happen if you’re a boy band.  Probably would have been smarter to not have had any women in the video since they don’t do anything and aren’t Melyssa Ford-fine enough to grab the attention from Will’s cheekbones.

Lastly, are they all groovin on a different beat?