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Best Albums of 2010 (24-19)

Numbers 24-19 after the jump.

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Best R&B of 2010 for Popmatters.

I swear I'll get back to blogging soon, but in the meantime check out my list of the "Best R&B of 2010" for Popmatters. I will be doing a fuller Best Albums of 2010 and Best Songs of 2010 as I do every year (a list of previous years is in the right column) on this blog. Probably before Christmas. We'll see.

I'm privileged to be a Popmatters music contributor and you can read all of my Popmatters stuff here.

Gettin’ My Review On: Trey Songz’ Ready

Ready cover art Trey Songz is the most frustrating R&B star to emerge this decade.

He possesses a piercing tenor and an instantly recognizable vocal
presence, something his contemporaries (from Mario to Chris Brown to
Ne-Yo) probably wish they had. And when he has material to match his
voice, he is peerless. “Gotta Go”, from his debut album, was the most
effortlessly soulful pop song to emerge from the recent crop of
millennial R&B new jacks. “We Should Be”, from his sophomore album,
Trey Day, was every bit its equal.

And yet, for as talented and gifted as he is, Songz’ albums are always a mixed bag…

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