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Racializing Male Violence: Chad Ochocinco and VH1

My good friend Alyssa has a post up about VH1’s decision to pull Chad Ochocinco’s reality show with his wife, Evelyn Lozada, after reports of Ochocinco beating up his wife.

But in comparing Charlie Sheen and Ochocinco, Alyssa makes the wrong conclusion:

Johnson is hardly a money machine like Charlie Sheen, so the decision to drop him isn’t as painful to the network as it would be for the networks of the world to collectively and permanently turn their backs on that particular member of the Estevez clan. But still, it costs money to shoot a show and then shelve it. I’m glad that for now, VH1 isn’t interested in peddling that fantasy, and is willing to take the hit on the show.

I get that Alyssa is trying to make what she probably thinks is a larger point about VH1’s willingness to take a financial hit. But she fails to actually interrogate why it will take that hit — race — and in doing so, gives VH1 more credit than it deserves.

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I Don’t Care If Day26 Is Back on TV

I have such a strange, persistent soft spot for Day26. I even went back and created a tag on this blog a year ago because I’ve written about them a lot.

But I don’t really know how much longer that will be the case.

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‘The Game’: Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Waxing Brazilian

As a rule, I loathe reality television. For no other reason than I really don't enjoy the inevitable feeling of superiority that comes from watching people debase themselves in pursuit of that elusive 15 minutes of fame.

But there are exceptions to every rule. Project Runway for being the anti-reality show reality show. Ru-Paul's Drag Race for being a good-hearted parody of Project Runway and doing the one thing that America's Next Top Model hasn't – turning its contestants into legitimate stars. And the last season of Making The Band with Crazy Que from Day26 for showing just how much male R&B stars truly are divas.

Yea, I can justify those shows.  I can't justify having watched four episodes of The A-List New York

Wait.  Yes I can. 


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