New Rahsaan Patterson – “Easier Said Than Done”

New song from Rahsaan Patterson, who I believe to be the greatest contemporary black male singer in a generation.



This is a funky lil electronica track.  Leave it to Rahsaan to keep finding ways to be funky as hell, and yet nothing like what you think that'd sound like.  I guess with an album title like Bleuphoria, Rah's gonna get trippy and wild on us.


Best of the Rest: Rahsaan Patterson’s Humor


Love in Stereo cover art Humor is the moment that one realizes as good a soul singer as Rahsaan Patterson is, he is really, at heart, a jazz singer. Everything that came after this song — and the album on which it appears, Love in Stereo — got Rahsaan closer and closer vocally to the free-wheeling improvisation of jazz.

The thing about jazz singers is that their voices are just another instrument in the party that great jazz is.  Here Rahsaan is as loose and free as he gets on record.

Rahsaan's single choices were always a little confounding to me.  I suspect that had more to do with the label than anything.  This song just deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.  They just don't make jazz songs like this anymore.

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