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Honoring the Legacy of Heavy D

The thing I loved most about Heavy D?

That he seemed to know exactly who he was, even as his evolution over the last 20 years suggests he also knew that he could expand our understanding of who that person is. In other words, he was an artist in a way so quiet, and so powerful, that we can only fully appreciate it by listening to his amazing body of work in hindsight.

Two of my favorites:

Queen Latifah (ft. Treach, Heavy D & KRS-One) – "Rough"

Heavy D and the Boyz – Yes Y’all

R.I.P Dwight Meyers aka Heavy D.

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Get the Party Started

So…turns out that "Teach Me How to Dougie" wasn't a fluke.



"Kickback" solidifies Cali Swag District as the pre-eminent party starters of their generation. Something that hip hop hasn't really had in quite as infectious and creative a way in a very long time.

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