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Alyssa's post on the remakes of A Star is Born and Annie with Beyonce and Willow Smith, respectively, is eloquent:

It seems almost fitting that the progression of these eternal American stories would eventually expand to include black women. We live in a world where African American women have only won acting Academy Awards for playing a prisoner's wife, a slave, a con-artist medium, a woman who becomes a star only after she has to take a fall into single motherhood, and a hideously abusive mother. Annie and A Star Is Born are much less complex stories than either of those roles. But maybe equality means not having to struggle against the burdens of history on-screen, just to embody a straight trajectory towards victory on the virtue of good nature that knows no color.

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On the Whip My Hair video

Well played, young Willow.  You almost makin me a fan:

That this is the most inventive pop video I've seen in ages says more about the other people in the game than it does about Willow Smith, who is the definition of nepotism.  But it does what a video is supposed to: showcase the song and make you like it. 

I'm almost on board.

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