Best Songs of 2010 (12-7)

Almost to the home stretch, folks. Twelve through 7 after the jump.

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Best Albums of 2010 (18-13)

Numbers 18 through 13.  Check em out after the jump.

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Best of the Rest: Nicolay featuring Yahzarah Adore

Here album cover Yahzarah is a singer's singer. The kind of woman who genuinely does damage to a song and it feels like no one else could do what she does. She's major.

Featured on the standout track on producer Nicolay's 2005 album, Here, Yahzarah alternates between a light and airy vocal and a masterfully controlled intensity in her chest voice.  The effect gives you the impression that adoration she feels is a bit wild, unhinged.  The airy portions represent a kind of masking that gets ripped off when the chest voice comes out. 

It's a meticulously built vocal that reminds me almost of great acting.  Every choice exists for a very specific reason, as if she's building more than the emotion of the song but the person who feels this way. 

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